Man arrested for having sex with goat

A thirty five year old man is currently admitted in Soroti hospital after an angry mob beat him up for allegedly having sex with a goat that later on died of injuries it had sustained.

The resident of Kapswhahili cell B, Soroti Municipality, was rescued from the wrath of fuming residents wielding sticks and stones, accusing him of bringing a bad omen to the community.

“We can’t tolerate this, God made a wife for a man and a man for a wife, this is tempting to change Gods order,” the mob chanted.

According to the deputy OC CID, Mr Micheal Anyonga said that the suspect was apprehended by a one James Peter Akuru on Wednesday 25.10.2011 at 4.00am after hearing the goat repeatedly bleating in an unfamiliar way. The goat belonged to his mother Amina Ayubu who was attending funeral rites in Busia.

Mr Anyonga said that what prompted the residents to gang up and attempt to lynch the suspect was because there had previously been several mysterious goat deaths. The residents argued that the goats could have been dying in an unexplained manner because of such acts.

Mr Anyonga added that from the reports they have got , the suspect could have been performing the act for a long period of time.


Mr Anyonga said, “We dashed to the scene of crime, we found the goat had died with some sperms coming out of its anus,” he confirmed.

He said that according to the postmortem taken by a veterinary doctor, the injuries found inflicted on the goat were consistent with bestial acts and human semen were in its vagina.

Mr Anyonga said that the suspect will be charged of having carnal knowledge of an animal which is against section 145 of the penal code act, adding that if found guilty he is liable to life imprisonment.


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