As it fast approaches, hearts beat faster, anxiety levels reach critical points .. tongues go wagging as others go numb. This is what the dreaded 14th brings .. but i recently read something that sort of set the mood and it would be mean not to share .. so lemme give you a sample and you be the judge…

its titled KNICKERS!

There comes a point in a man’s life when he has to remove a woman’s knicker. It’s inevitable. It’s a point of gravitas. It’s a definitive point. It’s the icing of a flirt. It’s the last horn blown to the game of attraction. It’s the last stanza to the love song. A cul-de-sac of the road trod by lovers. Whatever rings your bell.

A woman’s knicker is a cloak that enshrouds her respect. A woman’s knicker is a metaphor of preservation. And because a woman’s knicker is indeed the custodian of her womanhood, it then becomes a symbol of power. A symbol of her power. And for a man to fully be conscious of this power he has to be in that frame where he appreciates the woman’s worth. He has to acknowledge her potential, her insurmountable role. And that’s why men don’t remove prostitute’s knickers…if they wear any.

I lost my virginity in my early teens. I lost it at the back of an old blue Volkswagen Beetle. A little hot contraption with bald tires. She was older. I was wet behind the ears but very enthusiastic and eager as only a 17yr old faced with the prospect of a lifetime can be. She dragged me into this car that sat behind their house, and there she had her way with me. Not that I resisted!

But I didn’t have the pleasure of removing her knickers.

I felt short changed because to fully appreciate a woman’s nakedness you have to remove her knicker. The process of removing a woman’s knickers is sacred. It’s poignant than the first kiss because it’s an endorsement of sort, an endorsement of you as the man of the moment. The very action of removing a woman’s knicker is a powerful moment, an avatar of supremacy. The very exploit of removing her knicker is defining to the moment as it is for the man. It says – rather childishly because indeed aren’t we all children gentlemen? – that we have triumphed. But largely it means success, and success is a tongue that men seek to learn and muster.

Here is an irony: Whilst men might feel like removing a woman’s knicker is a fruition of their own sly effort, the truth is a tad shocking. The sobering truth is that it’s not us who remove women’s knickers; it’s the woman who “removes” her own knicker. In essence, no woman lets you remove her knicker if she isn’t ready for you. She dictates when you remove her knicker and she dictates where you remove her knicker. Hell, she even dictates which knicker you remove. The true power still remains with her.

But still, it’s a moment of beauty to pull down the woman’s knicker, you know? Yank it over her legs and toss it away because for that moment, that moment when she lies there without her knicker she becomes helplessly yours. The moment becomes more than just about sex. It’s naked power to finally expose the real woman because a woman without her knicker is not the same anymore. She can never be the same anymore because her nakedness was her veil of intrigue, and now that that cloak hangs from the lampshade she becomes bare, stripped down to her elements. She becomes vulnerable in your eyes. And she becomes truly yours for the few hours after the departure of the knicker…or for the next one minute for some men.  I’m just saying guys.

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