CCK vs Media Owners

The Media Owners (Technically, most of them are media managers) and CCK are about to fight like two ladies at Kenyatta Market.

Their fight is centered on a communiqué that the CCK sent demanding that all operating broadcast houses should re-apply for their licenses by November 15. Thing is, when you re-apply FOR all the licenses you currently hold (even the un-used ones) you might LOSE! No one knows the criteria CCK is going to use to issue the new licenses.

In Kenya, most of the broadcast licenses were issued through corruption. That’s the reason politicians have their fat fingers in so many media houses. Look at RMS, the chap holds 9 radio stations. Those are hundreds of licenses since all the station are national. Not forgetting, there is a limit to the number of outlets you can own.

This is the reason radio in this country is losing its relevance. Instead of a media house concentrating on ONE brand, they’re fragmenting all over and as they try and fragment, they need new license and since politicians hold all the lucrative ones, they get into bed together. Like in the case of Homeboyz Radio, a former PS owns that frequency (The chap has shareholding (via proxy) in at least 6 radio stations) if the CCK decided to go through the paperwork, Homeboyz would lose its frequency, so would SK and half his stations. Radio Africa has three frequencies that belong to a very connected politician.

For Capital, they got lucky and dumped Mark Too (Bet you didn’t know that) Mark owned the 98.4 frequency and Linda just piggy backed  on his power and influence to delay Kiss Fm’s launch. Patrick had to join hands with the Kitonny’s (who also had baba Moi’s ear) to get their license approved.

If the CCK is serious this time, they should cancel licenses of all stations that flout broadcast rules (Classic, good morning) and all the stations that are just dead air.


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