Remebering the departed:

1: Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai passed away last night after battling cancer for close to a year.

She founded the Green Belt Movement, an organization that fought so hard to ensure that Kenya’s forest cover was not depleted, through grand corruption, it our forests were sold off or given to connected individuals.

She was the first African woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. She touched the lives of so many people, with her books and conservation efforts.

2: Steve jobs

To one of the iconic figures in the technology arena , and from one of your greatest fans …. i salute you goodbye..

3: Mr Martin Wambuzi (My Uncle)

In the end, i guess he needed you more than we did.

Rest in Peace.

4: Mrs Salome Walugembe

She passed away9/10/10  after battling cancer since being diagnosed from 2007. Mama u did your family pround and set for them examples of outstanding prowess in how you lived your life and how you treated others around you.

You will surely be missed

and last and not least

5: Miss Eleanor Kyayonka (My Dearest Cousin)

I miss you,BIG TIME!



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