letting it out

Have you guys listened to Easy Fm of late? I cannot believe my fucking ears! There is a pastor on that show and I swear me and her will be adding kunis to the fire in hell!! WHO IS SHE?! Okay, when did ‘Pastors’ go all out commercial and became SEX therapists?? Sexual Healing achia akina Marvin Gaye mami, stick to spiritual healing, if you still want to see the gates of heaven

Still on matters heavenly, it seems the good Lord left KBC to its own devices … have y’all seen the new set!!!! Some kao colours RIGHT THURR! And you wonder why Citizen has numbers

Double Standards in this country make me mad … jana a rumour started that a certain MP twangad her huuby. The same MP cock blocked Mr. Miller from a gava job ati cause he used to chapa his wife. Guys, laughed at the guy jana when he was saying he was not chapwad, where was his wife? She was too busy to attend the press conference … yeah, your HOSEBAND had one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel and you’re too busy to even sit with him in hosi … kuna KITU hapo!!! Where are all these feminist cunts who always scream domestic violence is wrong? Ama battered men is not within your bitching JD?

So jana, I was on a 7C bus, and this guy stood up and started giving his SOB story about how his wife is dead, and he needs to clear his mortuary fees … after he was done … one brave mama shouted ‘Wewe si urikuwa unaoba hii pesa ya moshary mpaka rast year dee-seba’? HEHEHE I laughed out loud! This idiot just shukad the bus!

Then there’s the deaf beggar on the 7C route, who now even has money to kanga his nywele! Is it that bad out there? I hear some of these beggars make more than 200k a freaking month!!!

Where is Jogoo??? Look at your star MP in action!


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