Ad review! 308

Usiseme Maziwa, sema Ngombe
My friends, the ad we’re reviewing today even beats the ‘Show is on’ ad which is also really bad, I even suspect it was written by one of the cows at the show. Moving on, I don’t even know the name of the ‘Milk’ being advertised. I couldn’t find a soft copy of the ad, but I’ll try and paint a mental picture
The ad opens with Wilbroda (From Papa Shiradula) shouting about water boiling and she doesn’t have milk. Her two minions (Jalango and another idiot from Papa Shiradula) are ‘sent’ to the kiosk to buy ‘Ngombe’ … they get to the shop and they keep saying ‘Ngombe’ they get their milk and walk back to the house where there’s more of ‘Usiseme Maziwa, Sema Ngombe’ waiiit .. .is Ngombe the brand name?

What is wrong with that ad? Well, it’s milk! It’s not like it’s a special product, even Wa-Jimmy can start selling milk if she can stop drinking everything her cow gives her. See this campaign is utter garbage cause it’s JUST NORMAL! What is the brand’s unique selling point? Is their milk creamier? More vitamins? Will your milk make my dick bigger? Will it make me make more money??? Why SHOULD I buy your product? You can’t just fucking fly with ‘Fresh’ fresh is what I had this morning ‘cause I live on a farm!
Plus, they should have used all that money on the ad to making neater packs, Daima (I saw it jana on the shelves) has a brilliant eye catching design, on the shelf, it stands out, I’m not sure if their product is all that.
Another fault for the campaign is expecting ‘Stars’ to sell their product through endorsements. See, most marketers don’t get it; a star endorsement only works if what the star does can tie back to your brand values. Look at Kiwi, the brand prides itself in making you shine when your shoes shine. They went for a lad who is shining because of his many wins across track fields in the world!
Now, let’s go back to the milk product … if I see Jalango endorsing that product, I won’t go … Oh Jesus! Gimme some of that, I’ll slowly walk away from the product, I don’t know if it’s the product that powers his ujinga.
Finally, to the stars themselves, I don’t know why they don’t realize they’re a brand. Look at Papa, he made a shit load from a Coke ad. He can’t TAKE a shit product and plaster his face on it, now Wilbroda is jumping from one brand to another and worse, they don’t help build her, they’re just exploiting her madness as a character.
I even have a slight problem with Suzzane Owiyo, I love love her music … lady has skills, but to do endorse a toilet cleaning product??? If she was on something like Strepsils, it would WORK perfectly, she’s an artist and I’m sure sore throats are kawaida to her.


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