The power of the green!

*Vomits* some things just make me sad. How low can some journos in Kenya go? Kenyan courts must be the busiest in the region! Everyone is suing everyone.

A little birdie tells us that court reporters are now being paid to hush on stories. What makes this a weird story is ‘cause a court reporter must have the safest job EVER! No one will ever SUE you for reporting the FACTS of an on-going case, all they have to avoid is offer an opinion in a case, that would be contempt of court.

But journos covering the courts are being sought like hot cakes by Nairobi big shots. They’re being handed brown envelopes and some are given dicks so that they don’t talk about the cases the HIGH and mighty are fighting on the corridors of justice. Currently, a former minister is in the docks for fraud, his assistants have been busy packaging 3k and 5k for the journos. They COVER the proceddings, but the story will never ever make it to the papers or TV!

How fucking disgusting *vomits* we’re screwed! I swear, when I go on leave in August, I’ll make my homepage. If I see an interesting case involving a mkubwa, I’ll go to the courts and COVER it for y’all.

Yaani they’re taking money from lawyers *sigh*

When I called our in-house lawyer to ask her about this case, she wasn’t shocked. She said that’s the reason we only get to read the ‘weird’ stories. Like a guy sending raunchy texts, a guy stealing kukus and such like stories. They’re some serious cases of national importance going on … but we won’t see them. She even joked, that the reason Mungatana was ‘Mulikwad’ was ‘cause maybe he issued one of the court reporters with a cheque that then bounced.


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