That send Button……

I’m sure most of you get forwards … it used to be on email, but now it’s common on text. Kwanza on public holidays, you get a million of those. Personally, I don’t get forwards because of my often rude replies like ‘Dude, I saw that last month, get with it’ ‘Utaacha ujinga’. Recently a friend showed me a ‘funny’ text he’d received. The one about a woman asking a guy ‘Kwani umekuja kusuka’

Now that text, if you’re familiar with it is kinda sexual. If you forward it to a bitch with no sense of humour, you’re going to find yourself ukichora saba for a guy at Inda.

A guy was in court jana ‘cause he sent the following text to a certain Lucy Wanjiru

Ndizi alimuuliza chungwa kwa nini ukiliwa lazima unyonywe? Mwenzio nisiponyonywa sisikii raha kabisa, na wewe je?

Ndizi akasema, mie nisipovuliwa nguo sipati raha.Passion naye akadakia mwenzenu mie nisipotiwa kidole alafu kizungushwe kwa ndani sipati utamu kabisa, wewe je dada?

Check out the video below. Although, I kinda have a feeling the mama didn’t quite ‘Get’ the text.


Pwahahaha that was actually funny, such a cute way of ombaing …. The guy was released on a cash bail and his case will be heard in September.

One rule, my father makes us live by is … if you’re angry … don’t ‘Write it’ … ‘Say it


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