There is NOTHING wrong with using toys!! And there is
NOTHING wrong with a woman masturbating. Women who know how to please themselves
have even better sex with their partners coz they know their bodies and how
they work, they guide their partner into satisfying them. Vibrators will never
replace men. They cant hold you, kiss you, whisper sweet nothings into your
ear, marry you or make you pregnant. So men should not feel threatened by
them!! Then, lets face it, at some point in their lives, men will go through
the mid-life crisis and start going after under 18’s, leaving their wives
sexually deprived. Others will be too busy trying to make their first milli so
they get home exhausted and all they want to do is sleep. Yet others will go
for greener pastures far from home, leaving their wives behind. So the woman
will either use a toy to satisfy their need, or get a toy boy to do it. (Or
both). Good thing is, she has a choice

Lets debunk some myths about sex toys

1. 1. If a woman
has a sex toy she won’t need a man – WRONG!! Sex with a man is much more than
the physical. Women will still need a man’s touch. Toy enhance the physical
pleasure , but when you have good chemistry with a man, you get emotionally and
mentally turned on in addition to the physical. So toys don’t have to be a
supplement, they are in fact a complement.

2. 2. Toys can be addictive – Well, maybe, maybe not. You
can get addicted to many things. Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol…those will cause you
harm, maybe even kill you. But not sex toys (unless you choke on them). Thing
is, you can still get back to having sex with your partner and enjoying it
without using sex toys. I dont know why people have the notion that if you own a sex toy you’ll be using it every single day then sijui your nerve will become numb and all that. Even when you have a sex partner, you dont have sex every day. The first few days youll be excited about it, yes. But you wont ati need to do it every single day, really. Ask Tommy, my cute purple vibrator. I dont remember when I last saw him, let alone used him.

3. 3. Sex toys are morally wrong – Using a sex toy
doesn’t make you “weird,” it helps provide pleasure, creativity and
adventure to your sex life. There is nothing immoral about
it and if someone has that opinion, well that’s just that, their opinion. And
people have maaaaany opinions about everything. Bottom line, its your sex life.
Youre responsible for your own satisfaction so don’t be asking for anyone else’s
opinion coz they wont be having sex for you!!

Women using vibrators
experience better sexual function and a more satisfying sex life. You get to
higher levels of arousal, increased libido and more frequent orgasms.
You need to explore more, don’t live an orgasm-less sex life yet the man always
gets to cum! Id love the vibrator with a remote control. Id love to play a
naughty game where I have the vibrator in my nini then my partner has the
remote and we are in a public place and he keeps pressing the buttons.And
on that note, Im going shopping for a remote controlled vibrator on


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