Have y’all heard

Boni Odinga ships out!! 52

So it seems Boni Odinga (Who is not exactly bony) ran out of chairs to throw at his seniors. He quit KTN yesterday, he’s been at the media house for several years and he OWNED the ‘weird stories’ on TV. Dude did everything to get a weird angle, even reporting in the middle of a police battle with hawkers. Dude showed us he’d risk a jiwe to the ritho for fame.

He won a CNN award for his ‘bravery’ lol and afterwards he went to the UK and came back to find his peers had moved on to bigger things and KTN was not ready to hand him a big post just ‘cause he was in the UK.

We wish him well, and we hope whoever is going to hire him next has invested in light seats.

Btw this is most likely to be an open post ‘cause I just woke up! Have a nica day Ninjas or as the media calls you know ‘Monsters’ no relation to the Lady Gaga madness.


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